Together we can stop domestic violence and abuse against women, children and pets.

Help Line: 800-403-6120. ext.100

About MercyHouse Organization

When We Were Founded

MercyHouse Organization was founded August 2010. We are committed in using problem solving techniques within the community to eliminate Domestic Violence and Sexual Abuse. We contribute our time and efforts, expertise and services to ensure that we can provide permanent solutions to our client's immediate needs.


"My spouse was very abusive to me and our child for many years. I sought help from the Houston Women's Center so my child and I could be saved and become free from our abuser. My journey to healing and recovery became my priority from being a Victim to a Victor (total transformation). I have learned that some abused women feel they cannot leave their relationships because they are economically dependent on their abuser, or believe that they deserve to be ill-treated; or feel at fault for their abuse. No, it is not your fault that your loved ones chose to abuse you. For these reasons, I created the MercyHouse Organization to empower women and inspire them with the courage to break free from the chains of domestic violence and abuse. I want to help women find some peace and strength to begin a new life toward wholeness. The MercyhHouse Organization will help in placing women in a safer environment where they can begin to heal, and reclaim their power so they can be self-sufficient. Please seek help and speak out!