Together we can stop domestic violence and abuse against women, children and pets.

Mission Statement

MercyHouse Organization is a safe haven home for women and children who are survivors of Domestic Violence and Abuse. Our mission is dedicated to meeting the needs of abused women, children and their pets who are survivor victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, and abuse. 

Goals and Objectives

Our goal is to ensure women and children are mentally sound-minded and stable, and are in an environment to heal and recover. Our objective is to help these survivors through program counseling, through physical and emotional therapy, and also through having their own pets as emotional support.

What is Domestic Abuse?

Do you know if you are in an abusive relationship? Can you tell that you are being abuse???

Domestic Violence can happen to anyone regardless of race, age, sexual orientation, religion, or gender, and it affects people from all socioeconomic background regardless of their educational qualification Domestic violence occurs in both opposite-sex and same-sex relationships, even with intimate partners who are married and living together, or dating. Domestic Violence not only affects those who are abused, but has a substantial effect on family members, friends, co-workers, other witnesses, and the community as a whole.

There is no status of limitation when it comes to domestic violence and abuse.

Do something if you or someone you know is going through domestic violence and abuse. Abuse is nothing but POWER AND CONTROL. Be THE CHANGE NOW AND DO SOMETHING.

MercyHouse Organization

What is Sexual Assault?

Sexual assault can be defined in several ways: It is an act of sexual intercourse forcible against another person’s will. It is any form of body sexual contact including unusual behavior of sexual molestation. It is a non consensual will of touching another person. Sexual assault is a violation ACT that was not agreeable by both partners whether married or single, such act not consented or agreeable upon includes:

  • Rapes
  • Groping
  • Person is being Coerced or physically being forced to engage against their WILL.
  • Fondling
  • Incest
MercyHouse Organization
  • Child sexual abuse and Molested Sexual TORTURE
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Elderly sexual assault
MercyHouse Organization

Do you know your boundaries and when to say stop or scream no!!!

Do you or someone you know is sexual molestated or assault

For help call the MercyHouse hotline: 1-800-403-6120

Outside of Texas Reference: Sexual Assault: 1-800-656.Hope (4673)

Every year Debi Lynn Designs- formerly known as YAYA BOUTIQUE donates clothing’s, shoes, jewelries, and books to our organization. She also hosts a Bayou banquet Domestic Violence awareness event on behalf of MercyHouse Organization. Her goal is to empower women to SPEAK OUT! And seek help!

Ms. Debi makes huge difference in the life of our Survivor victims and their children.

MercyHouse Organization
MercyHouse Organization

Just Like Debi Lynn Designs

You too can do it. Do some thing

We want you to join us and become a Community Partner with MercyHouse by hosting an event on behalf of MercyHouse Organization. It could be anything from birthday party to anniversaries or a memorial event for a loved one that passed due to Domestic Violence and Abuse, or Sexual Assault. The purpose of this is to create more awareness in our community as a business and to empower and encourage more survivor victims. Letting them know that they are NOT ALONE and it is okay to, SPEAK OUT and get HELP. All proceeds goes to helping victims of domestic violence and abuse with their pets, giving them help that is much needed.

Let us know what event you are planning to host on behalf of MercyHouse Organization. For more information please contact: MercyHouse via email.

Special thank you to our community support group for helping MercyHouse in our cleaning and rebuilding effort of our shelter during the Aftermath of Hurricane Harvey disaster flood water damage. We couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you once again for your contributions and donations. We are TRULY Texas STRONG!!!!!!

Thanks to all our partnerships!

Our Individual Donors

  • Carol Stromatt
  • David Irving
  • Christy Weenie
  • Caroline Itaaehau
  • Randall & Rosemary Dixon
  • Shehzad – “Planet Gain”
  • Barbara Curtis
  • Shannon Mitchell

Group Donors

Dr. Amrit Thandi MD

Family Medicine. | Cypress, TX

Thanks to the Relief Society for all their support and donations.


2016/2017 Domestic Violence Awareness Month Fundraiser

Thanks to our Community support Group below for making it possible to reach our goal and create awareness of how important it is to speak out and seek help. #YouAreNotAlone

Energy Capital

Thanks to Joseph Kapala who helped organized the event.

MercyHouse Organization

McCrory Engineer

Together we can stop domestic violence and abuse against women and children.

IRS Determination Letter

Letters of Support:
MercyHouse Organization


MercyHouse Organization

I am a survivor victim; my name is Janie, I escaped from my violently abusive husband with only what I could carry. I contacted almost all the shelters in my local area and none of them will take me in because of my little dog. I was asked to drop my dog at any animal shelter and then come back to see about getting into the shelter. The only other option I had was to leave my dog with a family or with my abuser. This was a hard decision to make. I rather stay back in the abusive relationship and continue in my unhealthy relationship then leave my little baby behind. My dog is my life. My life behind closed door was brutal and something had to be done. One day, I was badly bruised by my abuser and I called a well known women shelter in the Northwest part of town that now referred me to MercyHouse. I was so happy to know that there was a shelter that will take me in with my pet. That heavy load and worries about what will happen to my pet was immediately gone. The fear of the unknown was certain. MercyHouse made it possible for my pet to be my emotional support companion and it really helped me in my recovery and healing from a lot of pains and emotion. I just want to say, thank you to MercyHouse for all what they do in helping victims with Pet and I encourage the community to support this organization and to enable them continue to help more victims with Pet.

Lots of Love Janie.


MercyHouse Organization

I am a survivor victim and am grateful to be alive. Am sharing my story to empower other victims. I was homeless with 6 young children, the youngest 5month and the oldest 15 years old. I had two problems trying to get into a shelter. My first problem started when I was told that my son was not eligible to stay with me. I asked questions and all I got back was sorry he is of aged and cannot stay. I can understand the policies that most shelter has in place but this is my son and as a victim, he should be consider a victim too and allow being in the same shelter. I have no idea what to do and have no families here in Texas since I am from New York.

 Running from the escalating violence at home and away from my abusive husband is one thing, not knowing where to go is another and worst of all a mother of 6. I was desperate to find a safe place for myself and my children. My second problem was that I had too many children and I had to make the decision to go into the shelter with only two children. I just cannot understand the philosophy of not being able to take all of my children with me to the shelter.

I felt like, I was being blamed for having too many children. My mother has always told me “Children are blessings from God” The thought of loosing anyone of my children is not an option. I was desperate and we had already slept in my van the first night of not being able to get a place to stay. My ex husband had put a gun in my mouth promising to blow my brains off, if I ever try to run away. There was no way in the world that I have to go back home now. There’s no turning back. I had nowhere to go and not enough cash to drive my van to New York.

The shelter we went to allowed us to stay the whole day in the lobby while they try to find a place for us. Finally, the MercyHouse shelter was referred to us. I had called and at first, I was not sure if they were able to take us including my 15 year old son. When I was told we had hope and everything was going to be okay. Oh my gosh!!! What a relief!!!, this are tears of joy, that there is a shelter, that will accommodate me and my six children regardless of their age. I am so grateful for the MercyHouse Shelter. It was God send. I finally had a place to lay my head, had some great food and warm clothes since it was cold.